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Taking you from Expert to Consultant in 5 Steps

Step 1

1 Shape your Brand

Step 2

2 Create your Consultancy Project

Step 3

3 Get Precision on you Target Market

Step 4

4 Execute World Class Consultancy tools, frameworks & processes

Step 5

5 Go to market - Be Business Ready

The Consultant Academy offers you two routes as you make the transition to consultancy:

1. The Customised Individual Programme will bring you through the FIVE Steps of the consultant development modules in the company of our Academy Faculty who have long experience in the consultancy world. Click here for more information ›

2. The Senior Consultant Accelerator Programme where you will join others being equipped for the world of consultancy. Click here here more information ›

Both routes address the following key elements:

Wide ranging faculty with national and international experience – specifically chosen to contribute to your professional development as a senior consultant.

Individualised process including an executive coaching framework uniquely designed for this programme.

Highly interactive and practical approach to ensure you craft your consultancy offering in a robust and competent manner.

Access to customised tools and frameworks to resource you in your consultancy career.

Preparation of your consultant offering portfolio, marketing strategy and plan, consultant project management schema and social media plan…

Interested in becoming a Consultant?

Taking you from Expert to Consultant in 5 Steps...