Academy Office

Our purpose is to promote excellence in consulting. One of the key ways we achieve this is the provision of a wide ranging ‘back office’ support to consultants.

The Consultant Academy Support Office will provide a range of services that participants can draw on as the need arises:

  • Communication services – assistance with presentations, report writing, press releases, promotional material
  • Online services – website support from creation to managing; social media guidance & resources
  • Mentoring, coaching and supervision services – to support consultants at various stages in the consultancy process
  • Administrative services – a range of back-office supports including: printing, file management, relationship management, venue bookings and travel support
  • Marketing services – providing resources for marketing campaigns, developing key messages, targeting relevant clients
  • Network & referral services – as a member of the academy you will be on our referral database to be positioned for relevant projects
  • Academy network events – the academy organises member events to resource and support consultants throughout the year – expert presentations; webinars; mentoring sessions; consultant skill development sessions etc

How does it work?

These Academy Office supports can be accessed online, by phone or directly at our offices.

  • You can purchase a particular service directly from the Academy Office or through our ‘Office Credit’ system.
  • You buy ‘Office Credits’ to deploy as you need particular services. You will be informed how many credits a service is when you want to access that service.
  • Members of The Consultant Academy as part of their annual membership receive an allocation of Office Credits to deploy during their membership.
  • Participants on our SCAP (Senior Consultant Accelerator Programme) are given their first year membership of The Consultant Academy free of charge with an initial credit allowance.

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Upcoming Programme 2018

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